Upcoming events

October – December 2015

12 -21 October 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training inNavoi, Fergana and Tashkent Oblasts

26 October — 5 November 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training in Samarkand, Surkhadaryaand KashkadaryaOblasts

9 — 18 November 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training in Tashkent Oblast
23 November — 2 December 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training in Tashkent City

3–4 December, 2015
The Final Project Conference
Tashkent International Hotel, Tashkent City

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About the project

The ‘Improvement of Mother and Child Health Services in Uzbekistan’ project, the second phase of which is being conducted by the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, the European Union and UNICEF, intends to improve the quality of health services delivered to mothers and children in the nation, and ultimately to reduce maternal and child mortality. The project has supported on-going health system reform in Uzbekistan, ensuring that national health services meet international standards, so that high levels of maternal and child health can be maintained.

From 2008 to 2011, the project’s first stage worked to improve the quality of Uzbekistan’s health system and the abilities of its health care professionals within eight target regions, namely Andijan, Namangan, Sirdarya, Djizzakh, Samarkand, Navoi, Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya. The project’s second stage, currently being implemented, will expand its coverage to Uzbekistan’s remaining six regions and therefore ensure that quality maternal and child health services are available nationwide.

In addition to expanding initiatives designed to enhance the capacity development of Uzbekistan’s health system, the new phase of the project will ensure that parents can utilise best childcare and nutritional practices in their own homes.