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October – December 2015

12 -21 October 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training inNavoi, Fergana and Tashkent Oblasts

26 October — 5 November 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training in Samarkand, Surkhadaryaand KashkadaryaOblasts

9 — 18 November 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training in Tashkent Oblast
23 November — 2 December 2015
Effective Perinatal Care Training in Tashkent City

3–4 December, 2015
The Final Project Conference
Tashkent International Hotel, Tashkent City

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According to UNICEF’s last hygiene studies, the population of Uzbekistan has sufficient hygiene knowledge but poorly practices it. World Health Organization and UNICEF found that almost half of all existing infectious diseases could be prevented by routine hand washing with soap and water practice. Not using best hand washing practices will mean that your child, who is most vulnerable to bacterial, parasites and helminthic infections would suffer, because his caregivers do not take hygiene practices seriously.

So, when is it crucial to wash hands with soap and water? Of course, hand washing with soap after using the toilet and before eating each meal is an essential practice, and it should not be even have to be discussed. However, there are other conditions which should be always in your mind, such as:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water when you are going to cook for your child and for your family;
  • Ensure that all dishes you are going to use for your child are appropriately cleaned;
  • Ensure that you use only safe water;
  • Wash hands every time after you dispose your child’s waste. In this case, both child’s and your hands should be washed carefully;
  • Do not forget to wash hands after dealing with the household animals;
  • Wash your hands after dealing with household waste;
  • Support your older children and your surrounding neighbours to wash hands with soap and water, as a regular practice.

These hygiene rules will protect you and your family members from diseases.

Every family should know that:

The best way to keep your health is to wash hands with soap and water as a routine practice. Nowadays, there are different types of soap that are available on the market. It is not necessary to wash hands with expensive soap. The simplest, cheapest soap can work for you. You should only ensure that the soap supply is not interrupted.

If you live in a city, always keep your water closet clean and well ventilated. However, if you live in rural area, your toilet should be at least 20 metres from the main household and it is better to have VIP (Ventilation Improved Pit) toilets. Ask your nearest health provider how to make a VIP toilet.

Infectious diseases might easily spread through unsafe water. Please ensure that you have water from reliable sources, and that you keep water appropriately, in special water tanks. Water boiling might kill many infections but in some cases, it might not be enough because infections can exist in a cyst form, with a highly-protective cover.

If there is no refrigerator, the best way to protect your health is to always have a fresh meal. It should not be kept long because it might become very dangerous. This is especially important during warm seasons.

For pets, please ensure that you visit your veterinarian hospital regularly, and that all animals are appropriately vaccinated and cured as necessary.